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Free Tastings

Who said FREE CAKE?!?!!! Yes, my consultations for all inquiring wedding clients include free samples! It’s a feature that quite honestly helps me to seal the deal (wink). Yes, my baking is pretty phenomenal and fresh! I believe that my enjoyment for what I do is really showcased here. I make an assortment of my favourites suited to information you’ve shared whether it be the Season the wedding takes place, your own personal preferences or dislikes. Things you’re interested in trying etc. I always have a minimum of four flavours to sample.

Tastings are set up for the couple and of course all wedding planners are most welcome to attend. I do ask that you leave your little ones and pets at home with a caregiver. If your significant other is unable to attend please invite a friend to come in their place and you may bring some of your samples home to share with them. Tastings are a complimentary offering of my baked goods and you are never required to select your flavour for your event from the samples I provided as they are just a few of the many possibilities!