Delivery Services

All of my cake deliveries are done by MOI! Yes, I personally drive, carry and set up all of my orders. It’s important to me that I see each and every job through to the end. I also selfishly don’t want to miss the reactions on my clients faces either!

People often seem scared to pick up their cakes. While they are fragile and edible they aren’t as delicate as people would assume and they are fully chilled upon pick up. I use butter in all my buttercreams and frostings (not shortening)….butter is hard when fully refrigerated. So cakes leave with you pretty stable and secure. That said you can’t pull any formula 1 race car maneuvers and also the cake needs a FLAT and LEVEL space to sit.

I highly recommend you request a delivery for all wedding cakes (because it’s your wedding day and you don’t have time for that!) and for all cake of 3 tiers or more, for all tall or large 3D custom cake orders and anytime you just can’t be bothered!

The delivery charge is based on the distance of the location from my workspace in Georgetown. Within the GTA the range can vary between $25 to $75, given the size of the cake, the time and date of travel, the approx time I need to set aside to travel to and from the destination, how elaborate the set up is and cost to cover gas.

Yes, deliveries outside of the GTA are possible as well. Please contact me with an address/location for a quote. Days of the year that have special events taking place such as marathons or parades etc. are taken into account when pricing out the delivery. Same goes for travelling in rush hour.