Cake Flavours

Here’s a list of my most popular flavours . You are not limited to what's on this list. Please do not hesitate to make special flavour requests. I am a skillfully trained Pastry Chef with loads of experience and I aim to please by being accommodating. All of the recipes I use are my very own and are made with the best “real” ingredients…nothing artificial and no mixes. Always butter over shortening! These flavours can be cakes or cupcakes. Everything I do is made from scratch and made fresh to order. Lemon curd, buttercream, cream cheese frosting, rich decadent ganache - it’s all made by hand and made with love by moi.

I’m well versed with baking Gluten-Free. My mother and sister both have a Gluten allergy and that has encouraged me over the years to create amazing moist and fluffy 'can't believe it's Gluten-Free' cakes! My work environment is nut friendly. I do however take allergies very seriously to thoroughly clean and prevent cross contamination but unfortunately cannot make any 100% guarantees.

Mayan Chocolate Cinnamon

Cinnamon spiced chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling and a milk chocolate cinnamon sugar buttercream

Mocha Cake-accino

Buttermilk cake paired with chocolate ganache filling and a cappuccino buttercream

Chocolate fudge

Dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache frosting

Chocolate Chip

Mini chocolate chip studded cake paired with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Lovers

Dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse filling and milk chocolate buttercream exterior for a triple chocolate experience

Chocolate and Orange

Rich chocolate cake with a fresh orange zest dark chocolate ganache filling and paired with chocolate buttercream exterior

Chocolate Cherry Cream Cheese

Sour cherry chocolate cake paired with a cream cheese frosting

Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cream

Dutch cocoa chocolate cake layered with marshmallow buttercream

White Chocolate Raspberry

Whole fresh raspberries baked inside the vanilla batter paired with white chocolate buttercream layers

Modern Day Black Forest

Sour whole cherries nestled into the chocolate cake batter layered with sour cherry jam and chantilly cream filling and milk chocolate buttercream exterior

Black and white

Vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream OR chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream OR do a mix of the two layered together for a stripe effect


One layer of chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream, one layer of fresh strawberry cake and strawberry buttercream, and lastly one layer of vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream exterior

Very Vanilla Bean

Flecked vanilla bean cake made with fresh vanilla bean seeds paired with a swiss meringue vanilla bean buttercream

Rainbow Confetti

Vanilla cake layers baked with rainbow confetti sprinkles in the batter to add some pops of colour and fun to a vanilla base cake iced with vanilla buttercream

Berry Delicious

Vanilla cake layered with whole fresh mixed berries and chantilly cream filling and vanilla buttercream exterior

Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake layered with sliced fresh strawberries and chantilly cream and swiss meringue buttercream

Lime Pucker

Vanilla cake layered with a lime curd cream filling and swiss meringue buttercream with lime zest

Bananas Foster

Rich banana cake paired with cream cheese frosting and a pool of caramel on top

Lemon Zest

Lemon zest cake and lemon zest infused swiss meringue buttercream

Lemon Sunshine

Lemon zest cake paired with lemon curd cream filling and swiss meringue buttercream

Lemon Raspberry

Whole fresh raspberries and lemon zest baked into the vanilla cake batter with lemon cream filling and paired with a light lemon curd buttercream

Tropical Treasure

Coconut milk cake paired with a toasted coconut swiss meringue buttercream

Very Strawberry

Fresh strawberry cake made with finely diced fresh berries and paired with a fresh strawberry buttercream

Blueberry Belle

Fresh whole blueberry baked into a sour cream cake with a hint of lemon zest and paired with a light swiss meringue buttercream

Apple and Cinnamon

Apple cinnamon sour cream cake made with diced fresh cinnamon dredged apples and cream cheese frosting and a pool of caramel on top

Pumpkin Chai

Pure pumpkin puree spiced cake with a chai infused cream cheese frosting

Southern Red Velvet

Red Velvet cake (subtle chocolate flavour) and cream cheese frosting a deep South tradition

Dulce de leche

Buttermilk cake with caramel cream filling and vanilla buttercream exterior with a pool of caramel on top

Grandma’s Carrot

Moist Carrot and pineapple cake paired with cream cheese frosting. Toasted coconut and caramelized pecans can be added upon request.

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